Tuesday, August 28, 2018

God Calls Us to Serve in New Ways!

On Monday, July 2nd Laundry Love Rockford launched programs with two new partners, answering God's call and our promise to serve "the neediest of the needy".  

On the first Monday of each month we will offer free laundry services to homeless and mentally ill clients of Rockford's Jubilee Center (a ministry of Shelter Care Ministries) and newly settled refugee families being served by Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program.

Our first month was a "soft launch", giving us time to train new volunteers and make sure we had procedures in place.  But by August 1st we had it down!  So far this new wash day program has served 30 clients and washed about 200lbs. of laundry.  We expect that will grow as word about the program gets out.

We could not have asked for a better group of volunteers than we had in Kris Tukker, Judy Miller, Sandy Carter and Tawnya Mayer-Owens who overwhelm us with their hard work!

Financial support from local congregations, civic organizations, corporations and generous individuals is what keeps Laundry Live Rockford going.  Please consider a generous gift as God calls you.

**Please note, the new wash day on the 1st Monday of each month is different from our Open Laundry Night program, which continues on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Clients for the 1st Monday wash day will need to pre-register through Catholic Charities by contacting their case manager or through Jubilee Center by registering with Laundry Love representatives at their communal meal on the last Wednesday of every month.**

Monday, September 25, 2017

Program Requirements

The Laundry Love Program provides free laundry services to the needy on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Charles Street Laundromat (2125 Charles St.).  Clean laundry is one of our most basic needs.  Unwashed clothes and bedding can harbor diseases or parasites.  Children attending school without clean clothes are often teased or stigmatized.  Laundry Love exists to help alleviate the strain that poor health and hygiene places on the most vulnerable members of our community. 

Q: Who can bring laundry to wash?
A: The program is open to anyone who can demonstrate need by presenting their LINK Card or Medicaid Card and another form of ID.  Individuals who present as homeless can do laundry on their 1st visit but will need to present a referral from a social service agency or other information on subsequent visits.  Local pastors and social service agencies may contact one of the program coordinators to provide referrals for people with special circumstances or who lack documentation.

Q: When is laundry night?
A: Laundry night is the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6pm to 8pm.  Registration starts at 5:30pm.  Due to time restrictions and the capacity of the laundromat we are able to accept the first 24 clients or until 7pm (whichever comes first).

Q: Where is Laundry Love?
A: Laundry nights are held at Charles Street Laundromat (2125 Charles St.). The laundromat is easily accessible by public transportation on the RMTD Charles St. #12 route. 

Q: How much laundry can they do?
A: 3 medium-sized loads (approximately 18lbs. each) for an individual or 5 medium-sized loads for a family.  (Example: A large laundry basket, mounded full is usually 2 loads.) Detergent and supplies are provided.