Monday, September 25, 2017

How Far Have We Come?

Laundry Love has completed 15 monthly open laundry nights since the program began.  Early on we struggled to meet the need for everyone who showed up.  We were overwhelmed.  Slowly we got our footing, figured out more efficient ways of doing our paperwork and keeping accurate statistics and learned how many volunteers it really takes to wash all those clothes!  It's still a lot of work, but we have been blessed with help from generous individuals, churches and local organizations to keep meeting this most basic need.

With a humble heart and sincere gratitude I would like to share some statistics with you.  With God's help, as of September 25th 2017:

  • We have washed 11,358 pounds of clothes and bedding
  • We have served 569 of God's people
  • We have spent $3509.75

We have recognized that we have not met all of the need for this service in our community.  Our future plans include installing 2-3 washers and dryers of our own to provide some limited service between our monthly open laundry nights.  We are currently working with a partner who already has a soup kitchen and food pantry and hope to have news to share in early 2018.  

From the beginning, it was important for us to focus on our call as a ministry, not just an outreach. We are called to Laundry Love by our faith, to do God's work.  To that end we are seeking new partners in Rockford's Faith Community to provide both financial and volunteer support.

There are a few ways you can help:

  • Financial support, it costs about $300 for each open laundry night, the backbone of our program.  Administrative costs are covered by our sponsoring churches, so 100% of your donation goes to wash clothes and bedding for a person in need.
  • Volunteering, our volunteers gather at the Charles Street Laundromat (1225 Charles St.) about 5:30pm on each open laundry night (3rd Wednesday of every month).  After a brief time of prayer we get to work.  Heavy lifting is NOT required and volunteers are usually done by about 7:30pm-8pm.
  • Help promoting Laundry Love: Are you part of a fraternal or civic organization?  Laundry Love coordinators are available to come speak to your group.  Even better, does your group provide grants or gifts to local organizations?  Please introduce us!

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