Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The new normal...for now

While we are unable to hold our Open Laundry Night, you can still get an appointment to do laundry in a less crowded, safe environment where we can follow social distancing protocols.  The City of Rockford Human Services Department is taking appointments for laundry times available each Monday afternoon between noon and 3pm.  You can reach them at 779-348-7575 during business hours.  

We miss each and every person that we have come to know during the 4 years we have been serving the community.  We miss the opportunities to get to know all the new people who come to see us.  This is hard.  In our time serving we have seen people move from homelessness to stable housing.  We have watched people move from addiction to sobriety.  We have seen new families form when fostering becomes adoption.  We have been blessed meeting every person that comes in the door and not seeing them at Laundry Love is hard.  Very hard.  I know I keep saying that.

We are trying to find ways to serve during the stay-at-home order and we are washing everything that falls into out hands that we are asked to wash, including 150 handmade and donated face masks for the Salvation Army Emergency Operations Center.  Keep us in minds when needs arise.  Laundry Love is a calling of our faith and we will serve where and how we are called.

Bob and Dave
Laundry Love Rockford Founders

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